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How to Get Rid of Side Fat – Say Goodbye to Love Handles!

How to Get Rid of Side Fat – Say Goodbye to Love Handles!

Love handles – nobody likes them. They ruin the fit of your new clothes and are a reminder that you aren’t in the best shape you could be. After all, not everyone can pull off a muffin-top! That said, they are also one of the hardest areas to target fat loss and tone down. But it isn’t impossible.


Now, if you have read up a bit on fitness and weight loss you know the drill – train smart, eat clean, be consistent. Luckily, this “golden rule” remains the same here, too.

How to Get Rid of Love Handles:



  1. Eat clean: they say abs are made in the kitchen and they are absolutely correct. Without proper nutrition, losing fat can takes its own sweet time. By sticking to a healthy diet such as the Dukan diet, you will be shredding through that fat much quicker!
  2. Add cardio: even a little walking can go a long way in helping you achieve your fitness goals. Research has proven that walking for even 30mins a day leads to a more active metabolism and helps keep those unnecessary pounds away.
  3. Workout: cardio forms just part of your workout routine since it will not help you tone your abdominal area as effectively. Hence, we recommend sticking to specific workouts such as the one mentioned below –

Super effective love handle workout:


  • 40x Woodchoppers (20 each side): this is a great workout since you twist your body and give it a nice stretch. While it may not seem too difficult at first, it can be quite effective if executed properly. Start by taking a comfortable weight to start with, feet at a wider stance, and stand upright. Keep your hands (with the weight) over your left shoulder and twist your right hip as if you were trying to literally chop wood.
  • 50x Russian twists: this exercise can help a lot in building core strength. a well-executed Russian twist starts with you lying down on your back with a dumbbell in your hand. You slowly raise your legs and torso, with only your butt supporting your body. With your body being supported by your bottom, twist to your right such that the dumbbell touches the ground. Similarly, twist to your left and touch the dumbbell on that side as well. Repeat this for fifty repetitions and you should feel the soreness in your core.
  • 30x Side plank hip lifts (15 each side): get into the side plank position with your elbows, hips and legs resting on the ground. Once this is done, slowly raise your lower body (with your feet still on the ground) by engaging your core. Make sure that your body is in a straight line and you don’t jerk the movement. Repeat this thirty times, fifteen on each side.
  • 30x Bicycle crunches: start by lying on your back, just as you did with the Russian twist. Next, raise your knees and slightly raise your upper body slightly such that your shoulders are off the ground. Now, engage your abs and try to touch your right elbow to your left knee. Repeat this with your left elbow and your right knee now. Keep doing this in quick succession for thirty repetitions. Make sure you keep your core engaged and your torso & lower body off the ground. If you’re wondering whether you’re doing the exercise correctly, check if you’re feeling fatigue in your ab area. If you feel sore, you’re doing it right.

Other important points

It can be tempting to chase quick results and go on a crash diet, but always remember that you’re chasing a healthier lifestyle here (since that will help you maintain that lovely body) and it’s better to have a diet that’s slightly flexible so you can stick to it for longer without getting bored.

Make sure you take progress pictures! It’s always motivating to see where you started from and how much progress you’ve made.


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