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Get Toned with The 30 Day Plank Challenge

Get Toned with The 30 Day Plank Challenge

Fitness challenges aren’t new. Neither is the 30-Day Plank Challenge. Why should you do it then? Because it works. Period. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself! That’s the best part of this fitness challenge. All you need is between 30 seconds and 5 minutes every day. For the duration of an average TV commercial break or less, you could transform your body and feel MUCH healthier.

For all the sceptics – how do we know it works? Because we’ve tried it. In fact, none of us could believe that a few seconds every day could make such a difference. Some things you can expect after completing this challenge:

  • Stronger Abs
  • Reduced back pain
  • Higher energy levels throughout the day
  • Better posture
  • Better flexibility
  • Better balance

Additionally, planks burn more calories than crunches and sit-ups. This is largely due to it being a compound exercise, i.e. one where multiple muscle groups are activated rather than just one. The logic behind this is that since you’re using multiple muscle groups, your body does more work, hence requiring more energy. This, in turn, leads to more calories burnt.

With that being said, the plank is not a perfect exercise for everyone. If you are overweight then even a 20-second plank will be like hell for you, but the results will be just as sweet.

If you suffer from health issues including lower back pain, high blood pressure, etc. you should consult your doctor before taking the challenge.

What is the 30-Day Plank Challenge? 

Here’s an infographic that will help you understand the Plank Challenge better:

30 day plank challenge

And that’s it as far as the Challenge is concerned. No fancy workouts, no fancy equipment. Simple planks!

What do you need for the Plank Challenge

30 day plank challenge

Unlike some other fitness challenges, you do not need anything in terms of equipment in the plank challenge. There is literally just one requirement – a flat surface. You could do a plank while travelling on a bus or an aeroplane too! Talk about versatile exercises…

How to do Planks

30 day plank challenge


All you need to do is lie down as if you’re about to do a pushup, and keep your elbows down on the ground so that your forearms are touching. Make sure your body is straight and only your forearms and toes are touching the floor and that your biceps are perpendicular to the ground. That’s it! Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Keep in mind that it is perfectly okay if you can’t hold the position for long – it’s common. Focus on your form and perfect it. Performing a plank perfectly is more important than performing a plank for a long duration.

If you don’t get it right at first or find it too difficult, don’t get discouraged. Give it all you’ve got for as long as you can, and you’re set.

How Planks Work

30 day plank challenge

Some of us might be aware that planks are classified as a core exercise, but how many of us know what the core is?

Our core includes pelvic, abdominal and back muscles which are the primary muscle groups. It also includes your glutes, traps and part of your delts and triceps as secondary muscle groups.

What this essentially means is that most of the muscles that are responsible for our bodies posture, balance and movement are part of the core.

When you perform a plank, you stretch and activate these muscles (and a few others). When our muscles do any kind of work, there are microscopic tears in them (don’t panic, it’s completely normal and shouldn’t be confused with muscle tears). Part of the energy from the food you consume is utilised in repairing these microscopic tears. This uses up energy and burns calories. This is how most exercises work and this is partly how you get stronger and better at planks or any other exercise for that matter.

The Plank Challenge follows a steady progression which means that you gradually increase the difficulty. This helps you constantly push yourself and avoid any plateaus. As a result, you maximize the calories you burn.

What’s the catch?

30 day plank challenge

Being significantly fitter, stronger and losing weight all by just devoting less than 5 minutes everyday sounds too good to be true. So where’s the catch? Well, there is none.

Planks are not easy, far from it, but if you take up this challenge with the right expectations and mindset then we promise you that you will see incredible results.

What are you waiting for? All it takes is 30 seconds and you’re already part of the 30-Day Plank Challenge.

After you’re done, share your experiences with us – it would motivate those on the fence about taking up this challenge make a decision.

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